Chris Melamed


Apollo is a cryptocurrency dashboard. With it, you can input or sync your transactions from a variety of exchanges and follow your assets as they appreciate or depreciate. More than just a portfolio tracker, Apollo is a news aggregator and educational platform. Apollo provides users with custom tailored news feeds based off of their holdings and trending articles. It also offers users Apollo-made tutorials and lessons tailored to the users' understanding of the cryptocurrency space.

I designed Apollo to be intuitive and trustworthy. While it doesn't directly manage users' money, it houses their financial information. This is not something I take lightly. Apollo should imbue its users with a sense of trust and security while providing a great user experience.

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News and education, tailored to you.

When signing up, Apollo gives users an opportunity to submit information regarding their familiarity with the field of cryptocurrency. There's endless jargon and acronyms in the world of cryptocurrency. As with conventional finance, this can lead outsiders to believe that they are incapable of understanding this field. Apollo works to mitigate this barrier to entry by providing users with simple, visual tutorials to many of cryptocurrency's most fundamental concepts.


Support for atypical trading pairs


One of the most challenging aspects of tracking a cryptocurrency portfolio is the fact that cryptocurrencies aren't always acquired via fiat. Apollo allows users to enter the exchange and trading pair to make tracking an altcoin portfolio easier than ever. You can snag the latest token using anything from Yen to Zcash and Apollo will update flawlessly.


More approachable, more trustworthy, more manageable.

I believe that one of the biggest factors working against mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the complexity of the space. There's plenty of information on the internet, but it comes from disparate places. Today, one needs to hunt and scavenge to both learn about and manage his or her cryptocurrency. The primary goal of Apollo is to streamline this complexity. Below I've included interactions and each of the main screens in case you would like to take an even closer look. 

If you'd like to learn more or work with me on this, feel free to drop me a line! Thanks!