While at Adobe, I was a part of a small, fast-paced team that was working towards identifying the positioning of a new collaboration product that would sit between Acrobat and Sign within Adobe’s Document Cloud. This ‘Deal Page’ is one piece of this larger project that I took ownership of during my time at Adobe. The goal here was to quickly prototype a platform that would serve as a space in which two parties can communicate, collaborate on documents, and keep track of every next step while executing a deal.


Research and Solution Definition

I began research for this project by interviewing target customers within Adobe’s sales and legal teams. They gave me a sense of the deal execution timeline and aided me in evaluating common pain points in deal execution. This research provided the team with insights into opportunities for our product’s value propositions.

We weighed the potential impact of each of the value propositions above and determined, based on the data from our research, that there our solution would be designed around three critical utilities.

1. Next Steps (a list of actionable steps required to complete the deal)
2. Document Version Control (all versions of all deal-relevant documents)
3. Communication (contact options between and across teams)

Sketches and Iteration

I took this information and leveraged it to sketch out the platform’s interface. Below are two of the sketches, one lower fidelity and one higher, that I used to gain better visual understanding of the solution I was trying to design. I measured the accuracy of these sketches by examining them against my research with potential end-users. I used the feedback from this stage to iterate on these sketches and build out a clickable prototype.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.16.45 AM.png
Dealpage Main Copy.png


The interface we presented to potential customers follows Adobe’s new Spectrum design guidelines. The decision to use a light on dark interface was inspired by feedback from customers consistently commenting on the importance of simplicity and security with respect to the information presented. A deal is a content-driven endeavor that requires deliberate focus in order to be executed effectively. The light on dark interface eschews distracting artifacts and bright panels while presenting action buttons and information front and center.

REDOBABY Copy 3.png

Determining Success

For our "deal page," success was measured by the feedback we received in user interviews. Our goal was to create something that our interviewees truly needed. We received overwhelmingly positive responses to our work and conveyed this need to Adobe's upper management for further allocation of resources. Shortly thereafter, my internship came to an end so I am not sure how the project has progressed, but it was a fantastic learning experience!

Thanks for reading!